Gentlemen's Fight Club / Impact Jiu Jitsu Fountain Hills Arizona

Gentlemen's Fight Club / Impact Jiu Jitsu Fountain Hills Arizona

We are proud to announce our first ever collaboration in the great state of Arizona. GFC and Impact JJ Fountain Hills will be releasing a few products as well as we will be partnering up for grappling tournaments in the local Arizona area. 

If you are in the Fountain Hills area and looking for a solid school, look no further. 


16872 E Avenue of the Fountains
Suite 201
Fountain Hills, AZ

Dan Lee x GFC

Dan is a published poet from Florida that does acting and stand up comedy. He trains Krav Maga, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Muay Thai regularly. Serving the homeless in Los Angeles area once a month and getting his certification to teach Krav Maga. An around great guy, Dan's trained at our at Chinatown location GFC LA a few times and we were happy to let him film a little Martial Arts Reel. 


Keith Berry x GFC

We've been supporting Keith since the beginning of GFC. We've both grown as a brand and Keith as a fighter and we will continue to grow together! Stay tuned for more to come from us.......


We're Happy to Announce our latest project in the LBC. GFC and RA SELF LIFE SELF DEFENSE are collaborating on some limited run tee shirts. All proceeds will go to Zahalea and crew to help rebuild their studio in Long Beach. Stay tuned....